Vote For Me!

Im running for Uma second in command, so please vote for me! Thanks!

Also im under Pot or maybe Potatoes he might of switch it by now.




Recuiting on cp

We will be having a recuiting session on Club Penguin for the spartans, to see who all is active and umm recuit. Heres the times.

When- Thursday, 2/5

Where- Frozen, Town

Time- 7 eastern time, 6 central time, 5 mountain time, 4 pacific time

Sorry I do not know uk’s time and Im sorry that its that late for uk.

Please come in uniform and please show up on time, Thank you



Thomas0270 edit: Sorry I missed it, and we NEED to be more active! I’m sad/dissapointed guys, please be more active, and this whole week I’ll be in Mexico :d , well thnx


Head Count!

Just comment if you are active on this post. We want to know how many of ya are active, I won’t be very active today cause ive got to study for my really important test,thnx!


Trickster Edit:

Go Here and answer the questions, involving voting for Trickster PLEASE (GOO) :$

Just copy the link then paste

Invasion was Successful

Trickster Edit: Join my army The Black Shadows of Clubpenguin

We invaded bobsled successfully. Thanks to everyone who came. Check the ranks page, there was some promotions to the people who came. Bobsled is now our server and it will serve as our capital. Heres the pictures of the invasion.cp-spartans-invading-bobsled-21





Comment on the post below if you can make it to the meeting this saturday.


Hey There, This is Trickster. We will be having a meeting. This meeting will be about many things. Recruiting, Activeness, If we should add medals, promotions…. ect. So please come to the meeting we will be discussing important things.

Who: Spartans Members

What: A Meeting

When: Saturday 10th, 12:00 pst, 1:00 mountain, 2:00 central, 3:00 est

Where: On Chat

Why: To Talk about Future Things

Please Come to the Meeting, cause like I said it will be important. We would need to talk about it sooner or later. So Please Come…

Please Comment if you can show up or not.


Invading Bobsled

Were going to invade bobsled this friday, so we can have our first server. Anyone who shows up will be promoted. As you can see I added two ranks and will be adding more as we get bigger. So be there to get promoted. Here are the times.

Where- Bobsled, Start off at town.

When- Jan. 2, Friday

Time- 1:00 Pacific, 2:00 Mountain, 3:00 Central, 4:00 Eastern, 9:00am Uk

Please come, Thank you



Look at the post below and comment if your active.

Head Count

Hey everyone! I havn’t been making post’s for a while now… this is Trickster. Well as you may know by the Title of this post, its a head count post. So just comment if your active or not. It will last to January 3rd. I think a week is good enough. Ok just comment saying your active.



Trickster Edit: Wow! 10 comments in less then 2 hours. We are active!